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Dog Summit Academy gives you knowledge, anywhere, whenever you want!

Everything you need to know about positive dog training, integrative veterinary and raw food in one place!

Everything this Academy includes:

The Dog Summit Academy is a platform where you have access to content on your computer and also on your mobile phone or tablet through a mobile application that will allow you to watch the content offline and also on your smart tv (we thought of everything ehehe).

1 Year Subscription

You'll have access for 365 days to learn all of the classes you want, online or offline.

1 New Class per month

Every month we have a new iniciative (class, masterclass, course) to increase our content in the Academy.

Live Courses and Masterclasses

You can watch live all the iniciatives online that we're having.

Q&A sessions with our speakers

In the end of every class, you'll have the opportunity to talk and clarify your doubts.

Homework and Exercises to practice

Some speakers will give you material to practice what you have learn.

Classes with guest speakers

Every class that we had with special guests will be displayed in our platform.

Exclusive eBooks

Some classes will have a exclusive ebook so you can complement your studies.

Cientific Articles

You can read about Positive Training, Natural Food and Integrative Veterinarian Care.


All classes, masterclasses and courses will have a certificate in the end.

Meet our incredible teachers!

You already know that our mission is to bring you quality content.
From the moment you enter the academy, prepare for a year of learning with the best in their field and worldwide references!



We are a family that loves their dog and want the best for him.
Two human beings who question themselves about the current practices of training and medicine, and who seek to reach a utopia that combines animal welfare with positive training and natural food.

And this is our inspiration, Lobito 🐶​
We had a bad experience with an aversive trainer. When we discovered the only training that can and should be, positive training, we decided to make it our mission in Portugal and the whole world when we reach it! We invite the best trainers, partners and brands to join us and move towards animal welfare in all its aspects! ⚡​

Since 2018, we have been holding training events for dog owners and animal professionals!


1 year subscription
400 /year
  • 1 new class per month
  • Live masterclasses and courses
  • Q&A sessions with our speakers
  • Access to all previous classes
  • Exclusive eBooks and Articles